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Andrew Wei Huang was born in 1978 in SIngapore and holds a BBA. He comes from a lineage of talents. His maternal grand uncle was the renowned and successful regional artist, Lee Man Fong, while his father KY Huang is a sought local Singapore sculptor and artist.


Attention to detail is what distinguishes his works from most of his contemporaries. Nowhere is it more visible than in Wei's horses. Muscular and graceful, these horses exclude majesty, strength and power, while evoking fluidity and beauty.


Riding on the horses series - pun not intended - are the "knights". This character was born out of the sculptor's love for the game of chess. However the jewel in the current line-up must be the teddy bears. Each creature individually painted and worked in, emerging as objects of artistic and sculptural excellence.


Andrew Wei Huang says about his personal style: "I am naturally intuitive, and in any given situation, whether encountering a rare orchid bloom or confronted with something ultra-scientific. I use this gift as a guide towards understanding how an object is designed and created." 


Whilst he might have been reluctant in the beginning, Huang is today an inspired sculptor who speaks through his story telling pieces of art and let his sculptures narrate .......and relate.


For his November debut exhibition in Singapore, his entire line up will be unveiled. This includes his torsos, masks and fish series. Even as he prepares for this  exhibition, new ideas and themes are in the pipeline for the future. From this talented and Creative Singapore sculptor, much more can be expected. 


Andrew Huang


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Art Stage, Singapore 

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore 

Dubai Art Fair

Art Expo, New York 

Bazaar Art Fair, Jakarta 16



Art Stage, Singapore

Affordable Art Fair, HK

World Art Fair, Dubai

Affordable Art Fair, New York

Art Stage, Jakart

KIAF, Seoul, Korea

Art Expo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

the World cruise ship

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore



Group exhibition, Bruno Gallery, Singapore

Bazaar Art Indonesia, Jakarta

Korea international Art Fair, Seoul

Manila Art Fair, Singapore

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

Solo Exhibition, Bruno Gallery,Singapore


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