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Anita was born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1955. At the age of two she immigrated to Israel where she resides and works today in Even Yehuda.

In the beginning of her artistic career Anita worked with clay.  Later on, she expanded her collection to include materials such as bronze, aluminum, cement, iron and polymer. Though these materials are alien to fashion, this is the basis of the artistic affinity for Birkenfeld. 


As a mother who tragically lost her daughter, she found comfort in the worlds of styling and sculpting.  The “Empty Clothes” sculpture series stands as an independent entity and as a testimony for someone who no longer exists. They are an expression of beauty and the strength of vitality. 
Birkenfeld's magnificent sculptures have an immediately effect on the viewer’s feelings. They are characterized by warmth and humanity, full of life and human love. 

Anita Birkenfeld

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Mamila Boulevard, Jerusalem.



"Out of Style", solo exhibition, Jaffa port.

Gan HaIr, Tel Aviv.

"Artworks", Palmengarten, Art & About, Frankfurt.

Israel Aids Task Force in collaboration with Bank HaPoalim, Tel Aviv.


2014, 2013, 2009

Solo exhibition, Even-Yehuda.



"Ups and Downs", On the Lake gallery, Ra'anana.

"Artworks", Praterinsel, Art & About gallery, Munich.

"New Home New Art" by Sothbey's and Casanova art, Jaffa.




Art Market, Tel Aviv.

Bruno Gallery, Singapore.

Corridor Contemporary, David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv.

Artnova, Ceaserea.

Art & About, Emek Hefer. 

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