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Karine Acoca is a painter with an infinitely free spirit who is a true individual. She sees her artworks as a "state of nature" There are no errors in the details of her works, she calls this "Innocent Art". The artist works with color like a surgeon with a unique gift for mixing colors. Utilizing inspirations from different techniques and periods lends diversity to her combinations of acrylic paint and mixed media.  Her work contains excerpts of a nostalgic kaleidoscope from the 40’s all the way to the 70’s.


Influenced by new realism, the artist uses torn posters and lacerated advertising street signs, fences and other graffiti mixed with her own photos.

 The Pop Art colors in her works are vivid and offset, each piece is uniquely hand crafted.

 The artist creates portraits with color and shapes that bring a unique touch. The artist's "tiara masks" which she creates drawing inspiration from the cheerful and colorful death cults from Mexico.  Her use of skeletons and fashion icons further shows an energy that is unique to this artist.


Acoca's recent creations "Thriller Pop" have a very strong influence from great figures of haute couture, such as in the piece "Mister and Miss Thriller" where the artist chose fashion royalty Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour representing them as a united couple animated by the same passion, accessorized with Louboutin boots and Hermes bags.  They are connected by a pocket transfusion of humanism and love in the superficial and materialistic world that is fashion.


Acoca's street scenes are drawn from a seemingly cold universe which is actually a fascinating mental landscape illustrating paintings with a narrative of a graphic universe part street, part poetry and all color.


Karine Acoca's painting is an explosion of colors, striking a balance between current, modern and strong. Her style touches us and makes us reflect on some of the many microcosms of life and its contradictions. She provides a visual and relevant x-ray of a world that sometimes escapes us, a very personal way to demystify the world of fashion and visions of life and death.

Karine Acoca

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Karine Acoca 





Villa Hegesppe Morean Gallery, Paris "Cote Cour, Cote Villa" exhibition


Live happening and art event at Montmartre, Paris


Selection at the Sotheby's Art Contest, France


Bleecker street Gallery, Paris, Permanent Exhibition




Art Fair Antwerp,  Belgium













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