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 KY Huang 

KY was born in Singapore in 1948. He resides and works in Singapore.

The playfulness of Huang’s sculptures and paintings offer a different connection between the natural and the artificial.
Huang helped the grandmaster Lee Man Fong. From this renowned artist
he learned the points in composition, balance and form. He got to know
many of Singapore’s pioneer artists (such as Seah Kim Joo, Thomas Yeo, Chen Wen Hsi and
others). He attended evening art classes at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and People’s Association (PA).
In 2007, Huang retired from the corporate world and he started an art gallery with some
friends. He travelled extensively around Southeast Asia acquiring artworks by promising artists
and mentored some of them. Huang conducted a series of workshops for PA and also helped put together a successful competition and art exhibition at Chingay 2011. It was during one of these workshops that the thought of creating his own artworks came to Huang.
He tried painting but found it was taking him too long and turned to sculptures. Two
sculptors in particular inspired him. Rodin’s classical style and Ju Ming’s dynamic rendition of
Tai Chi poses challenged him to come up with his own style.

He has exhibited in Israel, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Korea and China.

KY Huang

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