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Moshe Kassirer

Moshe resides and creates in the Yodefat settlement in the Galilee district. He studied Art at Avni Institute and film making at Camera Obscure. Moshe won the "America Israel Cultural Foundation" scholarship and received personal tutoring from painters such as Naftali Golomb.
"I was born and raised surrounded by concrete and technology, in a cynical consumer's world. Moving from Tel Aviv city to the Galilee, its landscapes exposed me to the missing aspects in my life: naturalism, simplicity and modesty. Through my paintings I try to connect with these elements, if only for a brief moment of fantastic utopia." Moshe Kassirer's works are collected in private collections and public venues and have been featured in exhibitions throughout the world.


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Moshe Kassirer




Solo Exhibitions



Local Inspiration, Luvaton Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Curator: Avi Luvaton

Neighborhood, Yodfat Gallery, Curator: Ahmad Canan



New works, Luvaton Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Curator: Avi Luvaton



Olives superiority, The Knights Halls, Acre

Curator: Shoshi Norman

Ha'motzi oil from the land, Yodfat Gallery, Curator: Shoshi Norman



From the Galilee to Jerusalem, Luvaton Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Curator: Avi Luvaton



Etude from the Galilee, Morel Place, Abirim, Curator: Ayelet Latovich

Belonging, Mahanayim Gallery, Mahanayim' Curator: Yehudit Kanari



The way home, Lady Roslyn Lyons Gallery, Karmiel, Curator: Shlomi Schwartzberg


Group Exhibitions

Impressions with Paint and Lans Netanya, Curator: Michal Ezrony

Ach-Va-Rea Achva, Curator: Dr Michal Sadan

Land Ma'alot, Curator: Noga Migdel

Israeli Landscape- Then and Now Art Market Tel-Aviv, Curator: Johanan Herson

Bread and Roses - 5 / 6 / 7 / 8  Tel-Aviv, Curator: Nir Nadar

The olive Jerusalem, Curator: Neomi Weinstein

The Israeli painter association - Annual Haifa, Curator: Yoram Back

Marginal Illumination Karmiel, Curator: Shlomi Schwartzberg

The Israeli painter association - New Members Haifa, Curator: Ariye Robinowitch

The secret postcard - 4 / 5 / 6  Tel-Aviv,
Curator: Tamara Flint Worth Nahariya
Curator: Lee Ramon

Marginal Illumination Karmiel, Curator: Yael Bloomberger

Worth it Nahariya, Curator: Lee Ramon

The Fence Gesher Haziv, Curator: Amir Caspi, Zeytoon Tamra, Curator: Ahmad Canan

Harvest Time Nahariya, Curator: Lee Ramon

Time for any Object Misgav, Curator: Shoshi Norman

Portraits with aroma Genosar, Curator: Nava Harel Shoshani

Lobby in Motion Misgav, Curator: Shoshi Norman

ID Costume Michmanim, Curator: Orna Oren Israeli

Beyond the Horizon Haifa, Curator: Lev Kipperman

Cycled Teradiun Industrial Zone, Curator: Orna Oren Israeli













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