Roy Yariv 

Roy Yariv

Born in Israel in 1978, Roy has an M.A. and M.F.A from Bezalel.  Roy lives and creates in Tel Aviv. The main theme of Roy’s work is the tension between order and chaos. He is attracted to the infinite boundaries of nature.
He tries to find logic in numerous systems, relations and natural laws that exist in
the macro and micro cosmos. He wishes to arrange them in new ways creating a conscious mechanism which leads to the discrimination of vision and thought.
Yariv’s paintings appear in large scale formats, and maintain a dialogue with the geometrical, expressive and minimalist abstract; while at the same time offering a figurative reading of the images.
The paintings are constructed in repetitive painting actions which take place during a certain period of time. 
Yariv presents in exhibitions and is one of the founders of the gallery P8.


Wall Sculptures




Solo exhibitions 



Disturbance, Art Market, Tel Aviv, Israel



Live Contemporary, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



Lines, Hacienda Castle, Maalot, Israel


Group exhibitions



Affordable Art Fair New York (Spring Edition)



Korea International Art Fair (KIAF). Seoul, Korea

Live Contemporary Colors, duet exhibition, Bruno Gallery, Singapore

Summer Colors, Art Market, Tel Aviv, Israel

Making a School, Haifa Museun of Art, Israel

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore 



Graduate exhibition, Master of Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy, Tel Aviv, Israel



Fresh Paint Art Fair 5, along with the cooperative gallery P8, Tel Aviv, Israel

Two Deeds, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

One Design Center, Rishon Le Zion, Israel

Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



Concealed, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

Artist for babies, Tavi Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



Fresh paint 3, Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel

LOVE ART DO ART, KG-45 Gallery, Israel

P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



Fresh paint 2, Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hulololo, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bart Art, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Love Art Tel Aviv, Group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel

Alfred and Co, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

HighTouch kitchens,  Tel Aviv, Israel



Present, Artopia Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Fresh paint 1 Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel



Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv, Israel

Artopia Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel



Graduate exhibition, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

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