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Shlomo Hauser was born in Israel in 1959. He resides and works in Israel. Shlomo studied painting from the artist Itamar Sinai, and studied Visual Communication at NB Haifa School of Design.

Hauser is the CEO and Creative Director of Studio Hauser for Advertising, Design and Branding.  In his work Hauser corresponds with the street in an immediate manner: he manufactures industrial concrete, as used in buildings, on which he mixes several mediums such as spray paint, color brush, graphic motives and ads. The lively colors of the finished works develop an intuitive expression which embodies the artist’s current feelings without any prior planning. The fragments of words inserted in the works generate a vibrant rhythm of poetry, resulting in an optimistic spirit.

Hauser exhibited in various galleries in Israel and participated in projects in different domains, such as art, advertisement and science. 

Shlomo Hauser






Group Exhibition, for “The Israeli Spirit” 

Group Exhibition, Florentine 45, Tel Aviv 

Group Exhibition, ArtMarket Gallery, Tel Aviv Port


Group Exhibition, Givatayim Theater

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