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Yoram Chisin was born in Toulouse (France) in 1971, and lives nowadays in Israel. He started to paint in 2006. For over 20 years, he has been living in the world of international fashion, surrounded by creativity and passion expressed through textiles, shapes, volumes, colors. This intense creative atmosphere boosted his own creativity, that found its expression through the media of painting.

Chisin works mainly on canvas, choosing carefully the type of fabric for his paintings: from cotton to linen, his experience in textiles becomes the artist’s expertise in choosing his ideal media. In most of his pieces, Chisin uses oil colors on thick linens. The linen absorbs the oil during a fascinating process: while the color dries it changes in front of the artist, the piece comes to life. 


Through the choice of colors, Chisin expresses the most emotional and personal part of his art: purple, blue and green to convey a sense of peacefulness, deep turquois and gold to convey strength and light.  Scratches that reveal the colors underneath are characteristic of his paintings and represents the inner conflict he experiences.

Mindful of the heritage of masters Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter, Chisin balances layers of colors with geometric shapes, representing his attempt to control the chaos of thoughts.


The works of Yoram Chisin has been presented in museums and galleries around the globe, recently in Sydney, Melbourne, Miami, New York, Brussels and Antwerp. In Israel his artworks are on display at Art Market by Bruno Art Group in Tel Aviv Port.

Yoram Chisin

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Solo Exhibitions

March 2018

The Paul Fisher Gallery, Palm Beach, USA

December 2018

Art Lion with Artelli Gallery

December 2017

Scope Miami, USA


October 2017

Art Elysees, Paris, France

Open House at the MANA Foundation, USA

December 2016

Frakas Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


November 2016

Satellite Art Show, Miami USA

October 2016

AAF, Brussels, Belgium

September 2016

Ken Done Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Gould Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Group Exhibitions

March 2017

Studio 26, New York, USA 

January 2017

Artelli Gallery, Belgium

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