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 Yuval Gold (Yuvi) 


Yuval Gold (Yuvi)

Superheroes, scientists, artists, movie stars, animals – all these and many more subjects make appearances in the work of Yuval Gold. Using humour and defiance, he gives an artistic voice to his world view, from social criticism to iconic homage, in his deeply personal language. ​

Born in Tel Aviv- ‘the other city that never sleeps’ - in the 1970s, Yuvi spent much of his early life in hipster neighbourhood Florentine, now the heart of the city’s graffiti scene.

After studying Graphic Design, he spent some time travelling around Europe and living in the United States. Exposure to more diverse cultures, aesthetic styles and artistic forms of expression allowed him to take his art to new and exciting levels and he was inspired by such American icons as Andy Warhol and the elusive and controversial British artist Banksy.


Yuvi combines traditional techniques with digital technology. His characters and their settings are formed from paint, printed paper cuttings, layers of old newspaper clippings, sketches, silk screen prints, various glues, inks, spray paints, sand, glass fragments and more.

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