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September 5 - 22 2024

Hobemastraat 5, 1071 XZ Amsterdam

Opening: Sep 5, 18:00 - 21:00

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It feels that we are in a world where there seems not much to celebrate. A shadow casts a gloom over the light in us - we seem to be back in the dark ages, left with a sense that our views and values are meaningless - leading to despair, destruction and decay. If Dr. Gindi’s work speaks to the current upheavals in the world it also applies to the human condition in general. It is thus both acute and timeless...

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The present habitat we live in are repetitious, some actions even go back to the genesis of humanity. What Dr. Gindi’s oeuvre reveals is the tragedy of mankind repeating itself, over and over again. Thrown into this messy world and certainly lost in transition, we are tussling with ourselves, stumbling into the unbearable abyss of the self that gapes in front of us.

"Where One is Heading" aims to return to the root and reason of personhood. Our individual and collective challenges are possibly going to be confronted. And hopefully - as individuals and as a species – humanity will work through them. To do so, we need to search for meaning in order to head ultimately towards infinity, a realm without bound. The gates to infinity are wide open to those who explore and probe, and embrace the essence of being.


Flying Into Life


Hill of Indulgence

The exhibition "Where One is Heading" shall feature a range of Dr. Gindi’s artworks that explore her infatuation with the search for meaning. The exhibited sculptures are emblems of corporality ravaged by doubt, loneliness and alienation. Caught between the momentary and the perpetual, the depicted characters don’t know to where they are heading. Still, they strive to mold meaning onto their life, in spite of long episodes of muddled silence. They aspire to capture the infinite, knowing that life never ceases to have meaning. Infinity is a metaphor for having the bravery to seize the unprecedented and to allow it to unfurl into life.


The Artist

Dr. Gindi is one of Europe’s foremost sculptors and is internationally known for her semi-figurative work. Her bronze sculptures are compelling portrayals of possible states of being detached from the potential reclamation of infinity. Reflecting on the peripatetic state of shattered identity, she endeavors to reveal man’s vacuities to sketch the unutterable which can never be absolute – succinctly, the sort of being and time that always remains. Dr. Gindi studied sculpture in Florence. She has had several exhibitions globally, including shows in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK and USA. She is a member of the US National Sculpture Society. Dr. Gindi was selected for the 2021 Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition of the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, and the National Sculpture Society, 2022 Annual Awards Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. Since 2023 she is a Fellow ofThe Royal Society of Arts.

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