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In the last decade, Israeli art has changed dramatically. No longer does its subject focus on the core social character of the nation, with its roots and images alluding to biblical or historical events.  Today, the modern Israeli is just as individualistic as his European counterpart and our art represents the individual’s experience and feelings.

Contemporary art at its best reflects the mood of the people in the moment; and this shift is reflected in all of Israeli society.  Israel, as it tends to be, has one foot rooted in the past and the other leaping into the future. So too, our contemporary art has achieved a meeting between the old and the new.  Many of our artist’s pieces are decades ahead of their time; innovators both in theme and process. They express worldly perceptions and varied art styles.

Bruno Art Group galleries integrate the new art works of today’s artists alongside classic modern art pieces. We are pleased to invite you to visit our galleries to see with your own eyes these great art works. With a little luck, you can take one home to enjoy.

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