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Luc Dratwa

Luc was born in Belgium in 1958. He is an autodidact, who was the editor of a magazine of design and architecture.  Luc has always had a passion for the arts. He enjoys playing with the confusion between painting and photography, his compositions are always very graphic. Since 2009, Luc’s favorite subject has been the city, notably New York City. His influences come from his experiences, as well as his admiration for some photographers and painters. Dratwa is known for his series of photographs taken from the 76th floor of Rockefeller Center with a view of the Empire State Building in New York City. In his first series of photographs, Dratwa catches people as they gaze at the astonishing views. The images consist of three players: the character, the window and the city, all brought together through Dratwa’s lenses. His newest series which is taken at the NYC subway is already coveted. This series devoted to the New York subway illustrates clearly his concern for perfection; his meticulous directorship of the scene leaves nothing to chance. The materials, raw and cold, are enhanced with specifically chosen touches of color, revealing a disconcerting perfection and sharpness in these views of very real subways.

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Villa Hegesppe Morean Gallery, Paris "Cote Cour, Cote Villa" exhibition


Live happening and art event at Montmartre, Paris


Selection at the Sotheby's Art Contest, France


Bleecker street Gallery, Paris, Permanent Exhibition



Art Fair Antwerp,  Belgium


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