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 Antoine Gaussin 

Antoine was born in Belgium in 1979.

He studied journalism and photography.

Antoine travels all over the world for his inspirations.

His suggestive landscapes are set mostly in Africa, Russia and Asia.

Gaussin’s black and white striking photographs depicts wonderful landscapes and transform them into great abstract compositions.

Antoine Gaussin

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Galerie M7


«AAF Bruxelles» (United Galery)

«Off Course» Bruxelles (United Galery)

«Show Case» Gallery Bren’Art Bruxelles

Berliner List Berlin (Galery Boulderton)

AAF Amsterdam (Galery Boulderton)

AAF Hambourg (Galery Boulderton)


Espace Saint Bernard Bruxelles ( Galery Art Magna)

AAF Bruxelles (Galery Art Paltinum)

AAF Hong Kong (Galery Boulderton)

Resident at Galery Wagner Le Touquet (FRANCE)

AAF London Hampstead (Galery Boulderton)

Scope BASEL (Galery Boulderton)

Bruneau Galery Tel Aviv

AAF New York (Galery Boulderton)

AAF Hamburg (Germany) United Galery

Art Courtrai (Galery Art Magna)


AAF Brussels (Galery Boulderton)

AAF Brussels United Galery

AAF New York

AAF Hong Kong

AAF London Hampstead ( Galery Art Platinum)

Scope Basel (Galery Boulderton)

AAF Seoul (Bruno Galery)

Brussels Art Fair (United Galery)

AAF Hamburg ( Envie d'Art Gallery)

Art Luxembourg ( United Galery)



AAF Brussels ( Visus Gallery)

AAF Hampstead (Gallery Art Platinum)

AAF Hong Kong (Gallery Art Platinum)

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