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 Romain Burgy 

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Romain Burgy

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Born 1952 in South France. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany

Bright colors seem to be waiting for the visitor of Romain Burgy’s exhibitions and let the viewer linger in front of the artwork. Urbanization, the spread and change of urban lifestyles, is the focus of Romain Burgy’s oeuvre. The artist depicts both the growth of cities and the housing conditions of their inhabitants. This extremely up-to-date topic is intended to confront the observer with the artist's view on the living cultures of different social strata and on people in their everyday lives.There is always a criticism hidden in Romain’s works, whenever something affects him. Regardless the difficult living conditions of a substantial part of the population on Earth, Romain’s artworks are filled with joy and motivation for an optimistic future. Under the motto "Better City, Better Life” the artist represented Germany's contemporary art 2010 in the German Pavilion at the World Exposition Expo in Shanghai. He is part of numerous public and private collections worldwide. 

"I never paint anything as I have seen it, but as I want to see it," says Romain Burgy. The artist captures his vision in vibrant colors and resultant his paintings shine from within. The flying lemon can be discovered in each artwork, which Romain Burgy uses instead of his name as his very individual signature. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it," says the artist. The intense, radiant blue has a special meaning for Romain and like the flying lemon, it is his artistic signature. On the one hand, the blue color indicates the artist's origin - the Mediterranean region in South France. The light and colors of this picturesque region have already influenced and inspired Romain since his childhood. On the other hand, the color blue has a deep spiritual meaning for Romain: Blue, the color of the sky, embodies the infinity of our possibilities and symbolizes longing and fantasy... Does this express a longing for a better world? The strong blue puts the observer in a state of dreaming and leads him to his serious view of things inwardly. It is not by chance that the viewer perceives the urban spaces in blue.In addition to blue, many other bright colors dominate Romain’s artworks. The strong palette of gouache colors is an absolutely eyecatcher and a generator of positive emotions.


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