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Over the past decades Uri Dushy has been investigating the origins of art. In his unique, non-compromising way, Uri insists upon joining artistic genres and creating unprecedented provocative, and challenging works.  He adopts and masters the technical and professional production processes he needs to create his works.​

Genuine and profound love of the creation process along with true inspiration from both classic and current artwork characterize Dushy's works.​

Uri Dushy appreciates beauty and aesthetics, believing that it is his professional responsibility to contribute to their existence in the world. He creates a dialogue with his audience, while capturing them and enabling them to take part in the creative experience.​

Uri’s sculptures consist of five main series, along with his photo collage and paintings works. The first and main series includes the public sculptures permanently positioned across cities and parks. Dushy’s work does not confine itself to the limits of his private studio, instead he goes out to public spaces frequented by people who are not necessarily familiar with museums and galleries.

Uri Dushy

Running Late 04
Running Late 04

3 Layers Painted Metal, 123x74x6 cm Singapore

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Utopian Views, 2014
Utopian Views, 2014

3 Layers Painted Metal, 50x120 cm Singapore

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Time Chasers 04
Time Chasers 04

3 Layers Painted Metal, 65x120 cm Singapore

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3 Layers Painted Metal, 120x77 cm Singapore

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Riding in Magical Forest
Riding in Magical Forest

3 Layers Painted Metal, 45x123 cm Singapore

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Time Chasers 2L
Time Chasers 2L

2 Layers Painted Metal, 37x120 cm Singapore

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ISRAEL, TEL AVIV- Tribes Gallery
ISRAEL, TEL AVIV-Sarona Center



ISRAEL, HOLON- Holon Art Center
USA, NEW YORK- Yeshiva University Museum



ISRAEL, JERUSALEM- Jerusalem Theater


ISRAEL, JERUSALEM- Jerusalem Theatre
SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH- Edinburgh Festival
USA, NEW YORK- Orensanz Foundation
USA, LOS ANGELES- Gill Gallery
ISRAEL, HOLON- Mediatheque



ISRAEL , TEL AVIV- The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center
ISRAEL, HAIFA- The Israel Railway Museum



NETHERLANDS, DEN HAAG- Smelik Stokking Gallery


ISRAEL, TEL AVIV- The Eretz Israel Museum 
RUSSIA, MOSCOW- Helicon Opera



POLAND, LODZ- Artists Museum

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