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Izhaq Mevorah

Itzhaq Mevorah, who is a third generation of a family of artists, who started her way in the beginning of the century in Bulgaria. The studio „Mevorah Art & Design“ specializes in the wide variety of the art and design fields. The art of sculpting and painting and some other unique and un-conventional projects.

Izhaq Mevorah‘s favorite medium is sculpting while combining it with painting. He usually sculpture while using bronze and polymer, and he combines the paint by painting on the sculptures he creates with color and oil sprays. Those mediums are a symbol to modern art, neo-pop art for the artist, and they represent the inseparable connection between modern art and design.

The most important thing to Itzhaq Me- vorah as an artist, is to stick to his own professional interpretation of things, and to trust the inspiration he gets from expe- riences he went through been. Mevorah’s artwork adorns public buildings, business buildings and offices, and takes place in some private collections of famous Israeli collectors.

The urge to paint and create comes from something that is bigger than the artist himself, a need that is just built in his soul. The main effect and benefit the final product has, is that it lets Itzhaq Mevorah present the message he cannot put into actual words. But most importantly it provides him the answers to the questions 01 that bother him, and lets the viewer enjoy work of art. Any emotional and cultural experience influence Izhaq Mevorah‘s art, an experience of visiting a certain place, purchasing a certain item, and more. The art for Izhaq Mevorah is a necessity, in order to observe. To express. To live.

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Born 1971 Tel Aviv, Israel


1994-1999: Avni Institute of Art and Design, Tel-Aviv [IL]

Exhibitions [selected]

Young Life, Bruno Gallery Singapore
Tube Face, Bruno Art Group, Tel Aviv, Israel
Street Art, Bruno Gallery Singapore
Guest Artist at Miami Art Context Exhibition, Bruno Art Group, Tel Aviv, Israel
Lewinsky College Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel
Tubeface, Tel Aviv Artists' House, Israel
I love Holon, Life size sculpture at the entrance to the Design Museum Holon, Israel
Trees from the Amazona, India Art Fair, Group Exhibition by Bruno Art Group, New Delhi, India
Found object sculpture for an exhibition of 100 years of the Duchamp Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel 2016
Aluminium sculpture "Moseley" 2016 adloyada Holon municipality reservations, Israel
Story, bronze sculptures public garden story, Holon municipality, Israel
Master class-teaching technology high streets!.!.!
Teaching-middle class encompasses 11 Rishon Lezion, Israel
Design and implementation for management floor Keshet tv, Israel
Israeli art exhibition: purchased by the Mrs. Shari Arison Bank collection, Israel
Design showroom Alfa Romeo, Tel Aviv, Israel
Golda Meir school front wall of paintings abstract geometric structure in Holon municipality order, Israel Secret art, National Bank was acquired by the Bank, Tel Aviv, Israel
The Sheraton Tel-Aviv, Olive leaf, 8 artworks owners (collectors invited), Israel
Art in the rooms, Sheraton Tel Aviv. 60 prints owners, Israel
Bronze sculpture for the advertising competition of Israel, the publishing company sponsored baram, Israel Congress Hall art project, book hotel owners, collectors ADN family, Israel
Art project to Ben Gurion International Airport Terminal 3 'reflection for peace’, Israel
The international company, Pfizer, jars pupils, Israel
Benchart. Tel Aviv Benchart, Motorola, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel

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