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My objects interpret and are interpretable, therefor they are called Interpretables. The starting point of the Interpretables is an abstract idea, which can be mathematical, metaphorical, functional, psychological, constructive or whatsoever, but it is not pictorial. 

The objects that result from this process are interpretations of this original idea. Since it is an open process that always reflects itself, it develops consciously, but does not pursue a predefined goal.

Hand sketches, digital models, renderings, color layers, textures, contexts, model photos etc. are projected, combined, deformed, alienated so that new perspectives, new findings of the initial idea can be obtained.

For example, the projection of a 3D model onto an 2D image surface in a different spatial context can lead to a reinterpretation of the initial idea, which in turn creates a new 3D object.

The fact that the objects themselves are interpretations of an abstraction makes them interpretable. They do not represent, they do not depict, but they enable. That is why they are concrete, because they create and shape a piece of reality - depending on who interprets them and how.

Why? In a nutshell, interpretability means freedom. Interpretation is a first word, definition is a last. On my opinion we require already defined things because we are not free. But I want to create things that give freedom.


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