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Adi Michael

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Adi Michael is a multidisciplinary painter, sculptor, designer and artist. His artistic language combines expressive styles of Pop Art, kitsch and socialism. The line of his works is clean and precise, the aesthetics draws characteristics from the world of design and consumer culture and finds expression within the artistic format of his works. Adi is the „self-taught philosopher“, similar to the field of experimental science born of „self-taught philosophers“ by trial and error and out of curiosity for discovery and passion, knowledge and inquiry, so did Adi. At the age of 9, as part of a craft lesson, he learned that with the help of various ratio mixes of miracle coffee and water, it is possible to draw an entire painting with shades, light and shadow. It was a magical moment for him, so he understood and accepted the premise that „anything is possible.“

Adi‘s artistic style, which draws on Pop Art draws on perfection at the level of aesthetic line and meticulous color, crosses ages and manages to communicate with a wide audien- ce. The heart and head are in aesthetic har- mony. The second or third look contains messages and criticism that aim to provoke food for thought, these are Adi‘s inner struggles: as someone who loves passion products and even worships them and emerges from his works, so does his personal fashion appearance and style. In the face of this Adi asks questions about consumption, capitalism, ex- travagance, adoration for publicity, celebrity and wealth, he asks questions about identity and loss of values in the face of his inner desi- re to appropriate the same passions, to break high, to be part, he wants to inspire change from within, teach to dream and that anything is possible.

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Born in 1980 in Petah Tekva, Israel

Solo Shows

Love the Life, Boardz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel Fresh Paint, Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
Dreams, Bruno Gallery, Singapore
Be Something, Tribes Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel Pop Art Show, Group Exhibition, India Art Fair
Inside Fields of Color, ZK Gallery, San Francisco Keep smiling, Solo Exhibition, Art Market, Tel Aviv, Israel

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