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Agm Museum
Nabil Gharsallah

Nabil Gharsallah

About Nabil Gharsallah

Born 1995 in Cologne, Germany. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany

Nabil Gharsallah, a multifaceted emerging artist from Cologne, was inspired by the artist Romain Burgy who became his mentor. At the beginning of his artistic path Nabil received a rare opportunity to discover his creativity in Romain’s studio. Today, after developing his own visual language and after successful participations in several international exhibitions, Nabil is working independently but he also enjoys implementing common projects with Romain Burgy. In addition to painting Nabil completed a training as an actor at the Film Acting School in Cologne. One of his main focuses was dance, mediated by his choreographer Irene Ebel and based on the technique of renowned dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch. The influence of dancing and music can also be seen in Nabil’s visual art. Shadows are captured in the faces of Nabil’s protagonistsand their bodies show expression and movement. Their deep look lead to intimate thoughts.


For Nabil painting is a medium to express his message of freedom and tolerance. With powerful and contrasting colors and shapes he is creating a diary of feelings, desires and dreams. Full of optimism, curiosity and confidence Nabil is depicting his environment and longing to convey his hope for a better future. Nabil believes that humans are shaped by society and by a system and therefore are rarely able to live their true character. Painting allows him to express the true character of his protagonists. In addition to humans, animals are anintegral part of his art. Nabil reminds us that we are protectors of the flora and fauna. Animals also have their own character which is often not far from ours. The artist shows how complex nature is and that we do not take enough time to discover nature and its secrets. Nabil is striving to depict a symbiosis of human and nature, as both have equal rights and must be treated with respect. 


Creations Nabil Gharsallah
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