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Office Art


Art Market Gallery collaborates with upscale Hotels in dressing their lobbies, lounges, and interiors with an exclusive collection of contemporary art geared for commercial spaces. Their over-scale size fit perfectly with the grand proportions in these areas.



Art Market outfits high end lounges with our exclusive collection for commercial purposes.


Private Residential Lobbies​

Art Market also exhibits and adorns high end residential lobbies with our refined art works.



A company’s image is everything and with the right works of art incorporated into your company’s vision, visitors can easily feel the level of culture and achievements your company stands for.



Here at Art Market, we can professionally provide the selection and services for your project with a deep regard to the client’s needs.

Let us be your liaison for a successful and enjoyable art experience.

Roy Yariv- Dan Lounge

ART Shipping & Delivery

We offer shipping and delivery to ensure your art is delivered securely.

We also ship internationally and assist you in with the international regulations and exports. Special discounts on international shipping can be arranged. We greatly appreciate our international clients, and are happy to liaison with art collectors around the world.

Living Room Art

 Alongside Architects and Designers, we specialize in choosing the perfect art works for client’s homes. The large variety of original paintings, sculpture and limited edition graphics we carry provides the perfect piece to suit the client’s style.  Our gallery is distinguished by the high quality and custom service that we offer ensuring our clients a pleasurable experience in acquiring art.

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